3 Tips To Develop Patience

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Patience is a part of the process. It is an attribute we all need to work on to get to any goal or achievement. We cannot get there with out identifying our triggers. Any situation or person can cause us to become impatient. Once we identify the cause we are better situated to pinpoint why it happens. The struggle is real when it comes to being patient, but if we want healthy relationships in life and to attain success we must spend time making patience a habit. 

Below are 3 strategies to beat impatience and manage the symptoms:

1: Controlled Breathing: When we take deeps slow breaths it helps slow our heart rate and relax the body. Deep breathes distances us emotionally from the situation.

2. Coach and Manage: Manage the emotions we ultimately control our choice of reaction in ANY and EVERY situation. We either pick to lose control or be patient: the choice is yours.

3.Negotiator: We must negotiate ourselves out of that impatient mindset. Remember how embarrassing over reacting can be. In the words of DJ Khaled “ Don’t ever play yourself.”

Practice patience with these tips.

“Be persistent in the pursuit of patience, it will not happen overnight.” – Wade Townsend II