5 Ways To Keep Distraction At A Distance:

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Being consistent in our quest to be the best we can be is everyones main goal. It’s critical in whether we succeed or fail. Focus is a major key in completing anything we want to get done. Here are a few tips to help us all stay focused on our passions and keep a distance from distractions.

1. Early Bird Gets The Worm: Not a morning person, lets try one step at a time in trying to wake up an hour before we normally do. Take that hour to organize the day and get ahead of the curve before the distractions come.

2. Small Steps Lead To Big Steps: By making  a task smaller and breaking it down, this will help minimize the distraction and overwhelming of ourselves.  

3. Neat Freak: Clean up the work space and watch the ability to get work done flourish. Clean area gives us a clear focus.

4. Preparation: The worlds most successful people and amazing planners are great planners. Once the task is given take the time out to plan how it will get finished. Planning saves time in execution.

5. Offline: Social media and cell phones are huge distractions, even the internet with pop up adds etc jumping out at you on the screen. Get offline and handwrite these projects until we accomplish what is needed.

Today’s Focus: Planing a few minutes ahead will save us time during the execution. – Wade Townsend II