American Horror Love Story: Poetic Nightmares

From the creator of Relationship Phases. Wade Townsend II presents a dramatic, halloween themed, series of short horror love stories and scenarios. Halloween 2015 in a open and honest set of quotes and poems, Wade B. Townsend II journeys through various love and relationships. That will display love, betrayal, passion, envy and insecurities. The set of short stories and quotes told through poetry, manifests every horrific phase that can happen in todays relationships. Can true love survive in a time where love is losing it’s appeal to lust and greed? Through this compilation of poetry and prose the reader can appreciate the connection and being able to relate to the author than any other “perfect love story.” Welcome to a story, where tales told with poetry and quotes are revealed through narration. A true representation of “American Horror Love Story.”


Relationship Phases

The road to love never did run smooth. In a candid set of poems, Wade B. Townsend II journeys through passion, romance, lust, lies and deceit of what has come to be the prototype for conventional relationships today. The story of Wade and Star, told through poetry, manifests every phase of their relationship. Could this unbreakable couple survive pain and heartache?Can they find the perfect love within each other? Through this compilation of poetry and prose the reader can appreciate the difference between a “poetry story” and an ordinary book. Welcome to both worlds, where a tale told with poetry is revealed through narration. A true representation of Relationship Phases.

Focus on your focus book

Focus On Your Focus

Do you have a dream? Life goals? Visions? Or Could you improve on maximizing your time?

There is no magic to productivity; Focus on your focus is based on proven facts, teaching that choices mold your production and success. Righteous routines and minor decisions will help YOU make major moves.

Common knowledge you may have heard before doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know how to put it in action form. Small adjustments and everyday life choices make or break you in route to your life’s desires. Wade Townsend II, publisher of The Weekly Focus newsletters, a small piece of, presents Focus on your focus.

The book is a refinement of #FOCUS fundamentals that will help guide you to a level of self-discipline you never knew was attainable. Focus on your focus will help you reach your most desired unparalleled production in school, creativity, business, and life.

This is the focus blueprint to your Taj Mahal, Pantheon, or Pyramid of Giza; you are the architect. Utilize these methods that are easy-to-use and progressively build towards your success. You can create your life’s masterpiece.

If you are bound and determined to attaining the unthinkable, use the effectiveness of Focus on your focus to help breakthrough towards personal triumph.

Release Date: Coming This Winter…