Wade Townsend II Wade Townsend II

He wore his heart on his sleeve as a little boy, expressing emotions of anger through crying, fighting or other means of acting out.

Since then, Wade Townsend II found a new way and passion of self expression, poetry. With influences from his father, Wade Townsend I and cousin Nicole Townsend, both published writers, it’s no surprise that Mr. Nightwriterpoet has a natural gift of making words harmonize together in written and spoken word.

He also credits other poetic and musical inclined individuals such as Tupac, Kanye, Wale, Drake, J.Cole, Jazz Musician Mike Phillips and Ryan Leslie. Making appearances at local open mics in the DC, VA metro area, to publishing his first book, Relationship Phases Townsend is taking the metropolitan area by storm as he enlightens us with his play on words to describe realistic situations such as relationships, sexual eroticism to positivity, focus and pursuing your passions.

Townsend credits his success in writing on “Passion, being a person of substance, confidence, and creativity and not worrying about the naysayers of the world. These words are mine and I will always produce something you can relate to.” Through his raw and candid writings, Townsend embraces the real reality circumstances and promises to give back from the bounty of his accomplishments.